Hi there!

I am a registered nurse who loves her job! I work as a registered nurse in Labor and Delivery/ Postpartum. The entire process of helping a woman through one of the most painful but happiest times of their lives is so heartwarming to me. Seeing them through delivery and then continuing to care for them through the postpartum period truly makes me happy. I’m also very passionate about helping new mothers breastfeed; it is such a natural and beautiful thing. I love educating new moms to give them the best tools to use throughout their breastfeeding journey. 

At the time I began working night shifts, I was practically nocturnal and needed a hobby to keep me awake at night. And while I lived with my mother, that hobby needed to be something quiet so she didn’t wake at night - queue the candles. Who doesn’t love a good candle? As the stockpile began to grow, so did the expenses. It was not in my plan to begin selling candles, but why not share the unique candle blends with each of you! And that’s how Handmade by Gwen came to fruition. 

The name Handmade by Gwen seems so fitting for my small business. The name Gwen is my middle name, though it was also my Grandmother’s name. Growing up, I was fortunate to spend a lot of time with her allowing me to cultivate my own creativity like she had. I remember all the memories and happiness she gave me while crafting and baking together. Handmade by Gwen gave me a way to remember my grandmother each and every day.

I’ve always had an abundance of love for animals, especially cats. I have two cats of my own, Dorian and Azula. Owning my small business allows me to have the option to support a cause. I love cats, but know I can’t adopt them all. So with that being said, I have chosen to donate to shelters, and fosters, to help each animal find their forever home. 

The Candles for Paws Collection is here to help! For every candle sold, Handmade by Gwen will donate one dollar to a local animal shelter or foster. Each month, a new shelter (or foster) will be chosen to receive a contribution. If you would like to help support, simply purchase a product from the Candles to Paws collection. Did I mention the collection labels are custom made, as well as stickers that are also available for purchase! 

Check out our Candles to Paws collection and help our local shelters and fosters. Dorian, Azula, and I appreciate all of your support!